- Broker: FxChoice

- Master Account Currency: USD (US Dollars)

- Master Account Leverage: 1:200

- Master Account Game Plan pdf.

- Master Account Performance Fee: 33% of ONLY Profits Made

  • - Performance Fees are taken out automatically by the Broker FxChoice every 4 weeks (1 Month) for optimal account growth.

- Recommended Minimum Deposit: $1,000 USD

- Deposits: VLoad, UPayCard, Wire Transfer, ePayments, and Bitcoin (Includes USA clients).

- Withdrawals: Bitcoin and Wire Transfer

FxChoice Contact Support (Click Here)

Respective Relationship Guidelines

1. If you have any questions regarding your Deposit, Withdrawal, or Account Support, please contact FxChoice's Support directly as I do not have any control over this.

2. The only control I have is over the Master Account which only includes trade executions.

3. Please do not message our Telegram support or Instagram about any trades. This would include: past trades, current trades, future trades, why there may be no trades running, trades we won, and trades we lost. These same rules apply for our VIP members as well.

Note: I will be accountable for 10s of 100s of trading accounts. Please keep any and all feedback/comments regarding trades to yourself as I need to keep my focus on the market(s). Thank you.

Type of Trader

- Master Account Goals per Trade: 100-200 Pips 

- Master Account Trades per Month: 0-8 Trades

- Timeframe: H4

- Win Rate since 2018: 95%+

- Average Take Profit (TP): 150+ Pips

- Average Stop Loss (SL): ~50 Pips

- Risk:Reward: 1:3

- Favorite Currency Pairs: GBPJPY, GBPUSD

Note: I am a conservative and patient trader. I ONLY trade when the market fits my strategy 100% and I am 100% confident with the trade. The market repeats itself often so being disciplined is what works the best. 


1. Do not expect to "Get rich quick".

2. Trading is a long term investing game.

3. Mindset: $1,000 to $10,000 is a great ROI.

4. Master Account Game Plan pdf.

5. Due to the holidays & a slow market, there may be no trades executed during the months of December & January.

Additionally, if your goal is to make $1,000,000 in 1,2,3 years with this MAM service, your best bet would be to join our VIP service and learn how to trade yourself in order to risk more during each trade. These risks will not be taken with this MAM service. Remember, this is long term investing...Not gambling.


Like Warren Buffet once told CEO, Jeff Bezos; 

Bezos "Why does nobody copy your strategy. It's so simple."

Buffet "Because nobody wants to get rich slow."

Master Account Registration & Setup

1. Click the Button "Register Now"  to open your trading sub-account with the Master Account.

2. Upload your Identification Documents in order to verify your account and to make your deposit.

3. USA clients can use any of the following 3rd party companies for deposits such as,, or Bitcoin.

(Note: Withdrawals can only be done via Bitcoin & Wire Transfers).

4. After you register and have verified your documents with both FXChoice & your 3rd party company for deposits, you can make your deposit.


5. Once the Minimum Deposit of $1,000 USD has been made, you have completed the Master Account Registration.


*** Please message our Telegram Support after you register in order to join our Private MAM Service Channel where you will be sent a Weekly Report of the Master Accounts History!

MAM Deposit Reward System












1 Month Free VIP Silver

6 Months Free VIP Silver

12 Months Free VIP Silver

Lifetime Access VIP Platinum

Rules: You need to maintain your account balance above your initial deposit after withdrawals. If you withdrawal money and your balance is less than your initial deposit, your reward will be taken away or reduced to a lesser reward.

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